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Female Superheroes and related characters such as their arch enemy super villains and the girlfriends of super hero guys are all good targets for pin-up art. These comic book, cartoon, TV and movie characters have always been the subject of sexual fantasy. Using pin-up art to bring these girls into sexier versions and thus adding to those fantasies is an obvious direction for pin-up artists to go.

There are a number of possible variations on these characters and their pin-up representations based on realism versus cartoonish styling and on variations in the character and costumes over time as well as focusing on the live actors who have played those characters in movies and television.

Denise Milani Wonder Woman Warrior Pin-Up done by special request ;)
This piece features the idea of an extended "warrior" armor version of Wonder Woman's costume and accessories. She has a sward, shield, face guards, and more armor including on the front of her boots.

Pin-ups of -- SuperGirl in a popular and informal version of her custom -- a white t-shirt and blue skirt, Super-sexy Supergirl in a sling bikini with the Super "S" logo playfully incorporated into the very skimpy swimwear, and a sexy pin-up version of the Wonder Woman classic cartoon character looking much more like the comic book version but with better curves, face and a tighter, skimpier costume;

Sexy Supergirl Pin-Up in white t   Supergirl in a sexy sling bikini  Classic comic book Wonder Woman pin-up 

Sexy Pin-Up version of scary comic book superhero Vampirella:
Sexy Vampirella Pinup 

Spiderman's girlfriend Mary Jane Watson going pin-up in a sexy spider web bikini
Mary Jane Watson Pinup 

Super Fitness model Jamie Eason as Batgirl rockin' the beach in her Batkini , and the incomparable Denise Milani as Catwoman ready to pounce!
sexy Jamie Eason as Batgirl  Catwoman Denise Milani pin-up 

Pin-Up of Busty sex symbol Denise Milani as Wonder Woman playfully holding up her Golden Lasso of Truth, a pin-up version of Wonder Twin Jayna from the late 70's Super Friends; and Kim Kardashian as Wonder Woman:
Busty Denise Milani Wonder Woman  Pin-Up Girl Jayna  Kim Kardashian Wonder Woman 

Superwoman / Mighty MILF

Jeannie - Barbara Eden - pin-up art. Some people might not consider Jeannie to be a superhero but think about it, she sure has super pawers and she uses them for good and fights super villains like her sister. Sure it was lighthearted comedy but all that and fact that she is so hot makes her a sexy superhero for my purposes in doing Sexy Superhero Pin-up Art. Also here is a sexy pin-up version of Ariel the Little Mermaid who people might also debate as a super hero. Well, she had the same super powers as Aqua Man and think about it, who would you rather see if you're drowning?
Jeannie Pinup  Sexy Little Mermaid Ariel